Why ITMN membership?

ITMN aims to encourage and develop a wide range of activities and advantages for all our members, across the student, academic and institutional-levels. Activities are proactively set within a framework which is sufficiently flexible for members to participate in those activities that best support their development and cooperative exchange.

Membership of ITMN provides new opportunities covering a wide range of activities and advantages, at student, research and professional levels.

Added Value for ITMN Students

  • ITMN proactively introduces an international dimension to a tourism Master programme,
  • ITMN provides Master degree-seeking students with « one-stop » access to an international range of top programmes in the domain of Tourism and Hospitality management.
  • ITMN generates « added value » to a student's Master's degree through study exchange, « double diploma » opportunities, and international academic and research projects
  • ITMN's links with the professional world facilitate research projects, work placement and job opportunities.

Whether it be for an educational excellence, international profile, or in-depth professional practice, graduates from an ITMN member university constitute excellent candidates for the employment market.

Added Value for ITMN Member Universities

  • ITMN helps its member universities enhance the promotion, attractiveness and quality of their tourism Masters
  • ITMN provides faculty members with new opportunities for participating in international research and discussion
  • ITMN contributes to institutional image-building for its member universities and provides new possibilities for showcasing Master degree offerings

Added Value for ITMN Business Partners:

Strong links with professionals from the tourism industry ensure the network's university members are constantly updated on the tourism industry's needs and evolutions, whilst procuring in exchange advantages for the professional world itself

  • ITMN invites the tourism industry to share in the shaping of university educational programmes
  • ITMN and its website enable tourism professionals to engage quality students for applied research projects underpinning their future development plans, marketing, etc.
  • ITMN provides the professional world with an easy-to-use tool for circulating their work-placement and job offers, at national or international level.

Becoming an ITMN Member

As a constantly evolving network, the International Tourism Masters Network (ITMN) seeks to gradually extend its membership in particular to countries not yet represented, and/or to countries outside Europe and Scandinavia.

Within this policy framework, membership applications are invited from universities of national or international repute, offering fully certified master degree programmes in the tourism/hospitality/events management field. Other than in exceptional cases, member universities should offer at least one semester taught in English, which may be made available to exchange students from other member universities.
In general, members are expected to fully participate in ITMN's activities, which include attending the annual general meeting and convention, taking part in joint student-orientated exercises and activities, joining international research projects, involving their contacts in the tourism business sector where appropriate, etc.

For further information on how to become an ITMN Member please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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